Chalet Spa Bali is managed by a large team of loyal family staff with a private chef, butler, host and concierge service to ensure a friendly and bespoke service for you.

Our Bali team includes housekeepers, maintenance staff, technicians, security staff, gardeners, drivers, kitchen staff, our private chef, guest butler, guest relationship host and concierge. With more than 20 family staff to support each guest group, you are assured of a personal and flexible service in an intimate location with a range of 5* facilities shared with no one outside your guest group (unlike in a hotel).

Our private chef and kitchen staff have the experience to create and present a range of menus, including Balinese and international cuisine. On request, our local family fisherman will bring in and prepare for you a fresh seafood barbecue with king prawns and lobster from the Indian Ocean cooked with traditional Balinese sauces and vegetables; this is a feast to be enjoyed on more than one occasion!